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Bree Cheyenne
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Bree is a California native model, whose curvy, attractive look and easygoing personality have grown her online presence since she first began modeling. Bree was born on October 9th, 1993. Bree recently launched a TikTok account and a YouTube channel and will post new videos each week. Subscribe today for new Bree content three days per week.

Bree Cheyenne @breecheyenneofficial is a woman of confidence and beauty. She believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, loved, and valued. Her showcasing of her impeccable figure and barbie doll looks aim to show her followers how to feel strong and comfortable without the need to airbrush every shot. Bree Cheyenne is strong, vivacious and runs her very own business with immense success.

Bree Cheyenne has modeled frequently for Escape Swimwear on Instagram, she caters to women of all sizes and shapes while encouraging you to feel great. Her intricate style includes high-quality fashion in which both comfort and an attractive look can be achieved for women who may struggle to find form-fitted swimwear.

Bree treats her followers to a discounted rate on select garments encouraging more people to become part of an ever-growing fan base of more than 51K! Her swimwear is fun and well-designed to fit every curve with perfection.

As a body-positive ambassador, Bree goes the extra mile to support initiatives that value women in their natural beauty. She runs many campaigns and makes appearances at events where body confidence and empowerment are encouraged. She believes in no airbrushing and ensuring that women learn how to be and feel beautiful.

Bree is also well-traveled and enjoys sharing her trips across the country with her followers. She is excited about visiting destinations that have something unique to offer. Along with her incredible personality, Bree invites her followers to join her on her exciting personal and professional ventures.

By following Bree on Instagram and Youtube, you can stay updated with her fashion tips and latest style guides. Bree enjoys interacting with her fans with authenticity and regularly updates her content to keep you in the know! From her very own swimwear to modeling brands like Fashion Nova, Bree provides an honest breakdown of her likes, dislikes, and rewarding designs.

With her bold personality and incredible sense of fashion, Bree focuses on messages of strength, body positivity, and learning to love yourself.


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