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Ellie The Empress and all the details of her South American Adventure

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Ellie the Empress takes her customers on a trip to Cartagena, Colombia as she chronicles her trip exclusively for her YouTube network. Columbia's rich cultural tapestry is a banquet for the eyes as is Ellie herself. Ellie captures her trip as she vlogs her individual takes of Colombia's charm whilst recording her voluptuous style. She entails the audience in every facet of the trip, consisting of packaging for the trip and her carefully detailed style choices. Ellie's customers are dealt with to a pack together with Ellie's popular styling tips. The audience feels like they belong to the adventure with Ellie's interesting web content. Getting to the destination is half of the enjoyable. When Ellie gets to her location, she treats us to the resort that she is remaining in. As she absorbs the beauty of the hotel's style and Cartegena's cobble rock streets, we are taken along for the trip.

The early american structures, the views and sounds are all caught by Ellie for her vlog. We see Cartegena through Ellie's eyes, as she shows herself to be a competent videographer. Via out each still, Ellie designs clothing that grace her naturally sexy number and mix with Columbia's charm. Ellie constantly holds to her unique appeal and uniqueness. Join Ellie as she finds the beauty and rich society that is woven right into the abundant tapestry of Colombia's background, and architectural in addition to all-natural charm. A trip to such a lavish neighborhood is not total without a browse through to the pool where Ellie lounges and takes a dip. Ellie uses swimsuit try on pointers for her poolside romp and models all of the swimwears that she diligently picked for the trip. Successive is eating in the resort restaurant, which showcases Columbia's lively food culture which Ellie files for her vlog. The rich elegance of Columbia is showcased in the resort hotel's yard that produces a beautiful and remarkable stay. Ellie's audience are made to seem like they are right along with her in Caratagena, Columbia through her knowledgeable vlogging.

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Ellie welcomes her target market to partake in the cleansing power of traveling. You can transform yourself by travel to the unfamiliar, so endeavor out to where beauty is plentiful. Do not be afraid of the of traveling and partake of it's journeys. Ellie the Empress confirms herself to be a knowledgeable travel vlogger as she narrates every element of her Colombia trip for posterity. Gorgeous Cartagena verifies to be a stunning backdrop for Ellie's journey and a display for her special appeal. Allow's join Ellie the Empress on her trip.

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